About Us

Priority Projects Limited is a construction management firm specializing, primarily, in the construction of commercial office and specialty interiors. We have been operating almost exclusively in the Greater Vancouver area since 1989. We are a locally owned and operated company. Priority Projects Limited’s corporate goals are to provide our clients with outstanding customer service, a well thought out serviceable space and to ensure that they receive the utmost value for every dollar spent. To that end, the employees of Priority Projects Limited are a dedicated group of skilled individuals who work together to maintain the goals of the Company.

Health and safety of our workers and our work sites is of utmost importance to Priority Projects Limited we maintain Contractor Check accreditation.

Priority Projects Limited is committed to working everyday with not only our client’s best interests in mind but also the global environment. We act on this statement onsite, in our office and within the community.

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This is essentially a team approach to the Construction Process…




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Priority Projects Limited has helped many of our clients maintain there space…

Our clients

Priority Projects Limited has historically always been a word of mouth marketer as we believe our service record and the satisfaction of our clientele in the most important factor in our business continuing to thrive. We have earned the privilege of working for some outstanding companies for more than 25years.