Priority Projects Limited is committed to working everyday with not only our client’s best interests in mind but also the global environment. We act on this statement onsite, in our office and within the community.

We employ various methods on our job sites which hold to our commitment:

During demolition materials are selectively removed and stored if they are to be re-used in the client’s new configuration. For materials that would be headed to the landfill we further sort into three categories; re-usable, recyclable and garbage. Anything that could potentially be re-used by others is donated to associations such as Habitat for Humanity (Restore). Examples of products that are donated or re-used by others include doors, cabinets and door hardware.  Materials that are recycled include glazing & mirrors, gypsum wallboard, steel stud, sheet metal, plumbing pipe and electrical wiring.

During construction all refuse construction material is sorted as above and distributed to the appropriate collector. Also during construction a lot of new materials, fixtures etc. are brought to site in plastic packaging, cardboard etc. that could be headed for the landfill. Priority Projects Limited ensures we designate locations for collection of all recyclable materials so that it’s not mixed with any food or non-recyclable material.

Part of protecting the environment and building occupants is also dealing with the air borne material that is stirred up during any renovation. Priority Projects Limited uses HEPA Air Scrubbers which run the air through four stages of filtration. The last stage of filtration being a HEPA (high efficiency particulate absorbing) filter which is DOP tested and certified to an efficiency of 99.97% or higher against 0.3 micron size particles. We also use HEPA filter equipped vacuums during our site clean-ups.

Holding to our commitment in the Office and Community:

At Priority Projects Office we recycle all refuse paper, glass, metals and any plastic labeled 1 to 7. We take it a step further by ensuring any and all refuse electronics are collected and distributed to appropriate recycling centre’s. Our latest investment gives us the ability to electronically receive any shop drawings, Invoices etc. review & mark them up and forward on to the appropriate parties. This is all completed without printing any unnecessary paper copies or having couriers/mail carriers drive documents around the community.

One of the major factors in selecting our new office location (moved in 2005) was due to its proximity to the SkyTrain (The Lower Mainland’s rapid transit system). We cut down our vehicular carbon foot print immensely, traveling by rapid transit between most of our jobsites and the office. Fully 90% of our projects are located within relatively close proximity to rapid transit stations in Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster & Surrey.

If clients commit to a LEED® certified project we are more than able to guide the project to successful certification. We have a LEED® Accredited Professional on staff.

“The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System™ encourages and accelerates global adoption of sustainable green building and development practices through the creation and implementation of universally understood and accepted tools and performance criteria.”